About Christine

970659_10151629419537603_903356324_nHello everyone! Thanks for visiting my It Works Independent Distributer website! Every Distributer gets their own fabulous website from IWG (It Works Global) when they sign up; but I wanted to make mine a little more special!

I am a 34 year old Navy Wife and Mama of two living in San Diego, California!

My friend Emily introduced me to the It Works wraps and I was hooked! I didn’t “lose” any with my first wrap but while I was wearing it (and afterwards) I felt absolutely great! I saw more results after the second, third, and forth wraps (four wraps are a full-treatment). I became a Loyal Customer and bought a Skinny Pack and some Greens-on-the-Go!

I honestly don’t use the wraps as often as others do – I love them, but I love the supplements more! Every day I have Greens! I give Greens to my kids (ages 8 and 2.5) as well as my husband! We try and eat healthy, but I know we aren’t getting “the recommended” every day. I also am a HUGE fan of Confianza!

I also highly recommend our amazing Fatfighters when you just HAVE to have that plate of nachos, lol! Fatfighters block some of the fat from being absorbed into your body! Ah-mazing!

Anyway, thanks for visiting! I appreciate you!

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