So, Why Should You Join It Works Right Now?

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web-corp-image-dreamBecause you need extra income.

Do you absolutely hate your J-O-B? Are you just not making the money that you need to be making, or do you just need a little more to get you through the month? So many people on my team have ended up quitting their jobs and doing It Works full time! We also have a bunch of Stay-at-Home-Mom’s bringing in more per month than their husbands. Then, there are teammates that are just doing It Works because they love the product and just want a “little extra” cash every month.


Because you love the products and can’t stop running your mouth!

If you love the products and are getting AWESOME results and cannot stop TALKING ABOUT THEM – then why not turn your big mouth into extra cash? You are PERFECT for network marketing because you are a natural marketer!


Their flagship product “The It Works Wrap”, is unique and generates an insane word of mouth buzz.

For you, this is a enormous benefit for a number of different reasons. One important reason, is that the product is only available through independent distributors. In other words, it solidifies your ability to earn a residual income because customers must purchase your products from you or your teammates. They can’t simply go to Walmart, as they might, if you were selling jewelry, candles or another non-unique product.

Another reason this is important, is it means you won’t have to convince your customers to try the product. The It Works Wrap piques the curiosity of almost every person that hears of it. And, once your customers see that it really works, they get excited and tell everyone they know! Which is a big reason for the companies explosive growth this year.


They are in the ‘momentum’ phase of network marketing growth.

Momentum in network marketing terms, is often defined as a period of time (lasting between 2 and 4 years in length) when a company experiences phenomenal growth. It is during this period of time that a company expands across the nation and becomes a ‘household name’. Typically this period is when a company has less than 100k active distributors, and is doing between 50 and 500 million dollars in annual sales.

It Works Global is currently experiencing momentum, as you can see from the chart below.


So seriously, what are you waiting for!? Take charge of your life, change your destiny and join me in this amazing adventure!

How to Successfully Run Your Business

Here is how EVERYONE (from the new people to the top money earners) runs their business! The Steps to Success!!

It Works Steps to Success!

Just follow our three simple steps and you’ll be in business in no time!

How Much Does an It Works Distributor Earn for Commission

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Generally speaking, this is what our commissions look like! Keep in mind that there are FIVE ways to earn money with this company and our monthly commission is only ONE part of it!


Choose What You Want To Do

Join as a Loyal Customer or Join The Party!

Wrap Pack

Start the Experience


  • Save $46!
  • Box of 4 Body Wraps
  • Mini Defining Gel
  • Tighten, Tone & Firm
  • Don't Delay!

Skinny Pack

Lose 5-10 lbs


  • Save $102!
  • Box of 4 Body Wraps
  • Full-Size Defining Gel
  • Fat Fighter
  • An Excellent Pack!

The IT Pack

Everything You Want


  • Box of 4 Body Wraps
  • Full-Size Defining Gel
  • 4 Facials
  • 1 Lip & Eye
  • Greens on the Go


Friends, Freedom & Fun


  • Quick Return on Investment
  • BOOST! $149 or $349 Pack
  • Your Own Website
  • Immediate Training
  • Free Mentoring Program

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