The IT WORKS Triple Threat

IT WORKS TRIPLE THREAT @ heyitworksforme.comIf you are looking to kick start your weight loss program, look no further than the TRIPLE THREAT combination of products from It Works! Global! Greens, ThermoFit and Fat Fighters! Use all three for ultimate results or pick whatever combination of products that work best for you (your It Works Independent Distributor can help you decide!)

All of our products are natural and plant-based.

ThermoFit is our metabolism booster and calorie burner! It’s only $39 for our Loyal Customers! Take one tablet, 2-3 times per day (prior to or with meals) or right before exercise for maximum metabolic burn!

Greens is a probiotic drink mix that gives you 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables per drink! The Greens helps detox your system, gives you extra energy and helps you keep cravings in check! At only $33 for a month’s supply (for Loyal Customers) – Greens is something you can easily add to your daily regime. Choose from Berry flavor or Orange flavor!

Fat Fighters are great to take with your heaviest meal to absorb many of the fat and carbs from that meal. It’s only $23 for a months supply as a Loyal Customer.

Try the Triple Threat by adding each item above to your cart and checking out as a Loyal Customer.

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