Wrap Instructions

So, you’re ready to WRAP! Before you even take your wrap out of the package, take a before photo – this is super, super important! You are not taking this picture to show anyone. You are doing this strictly for your viewing so you can see and confirm your results when you compare it to your “after” picture.

Prior to applying the wrap you should clean and dry the skin area. Remove any body oils, lotions, and anything else that might slow the product from absorbing into your skin. A warm damp wash cloth is a good idea! You can also dry brush your skin with a soft (or hard!) bath brush. These are available at stores like Wal-Mart and are very inexpensive! Basically, you want to exfoliate the skin where you will be wrapping, without using a soap-type exfoliant.

Now, unwrap that wrap!


Apply applicator to desired area and wrap with saran wrap or something similar to hold in place. An ace bandage or similar product is great for legs & Press’n Seal for the neck & chin. 

Leave wrap on for a MINIMUM of 45 min (I recommend longer, may wear overnight if desired).

While wearing your applicator, drink 2 bottles of WATER in first hour. After removing wrap, rub in residual product. It is very important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of WATER a day for the following 3 days. The more you drink the more you shrink! (½ your body weight in h2o is a great goal) I’ve found many people are already dehydrated prior to use!

Limit fatty foods, caffeine, and sugar during this time also. No aspartame for 3 days at least!

Eating is not recommended while wrapped. Do not exercise or sweat.

Do not shower immediately after removing the wrap, give it a few hours to make sure properly absorbed.

Exercise, healthy eating & detoxifying with additional It Works products like Defining Gel, Greens & Regular can maximize your results! Smoking, fats, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine (among other things) can slow your results down as these put toxins into your body.

Medications can affect your results. Also if you are female and use the wraps around the time of your menstrual cycle, that may lessen your immediate result.

Take before and after photos so you can compare! Do so every time to wrap! You will be glad you did! (You may consider cropping your head if you are feeling uneasy about that) If you are comfortable sharing them with me, I would love to have them! Pictures are the main measurement of your success and allow you an unbiased view of yourself. It is critical to take pictures before you wrap, after you take it off, and at 72 hours.

Your Ultimate Body Applicators & Neck & Chin Applicators work EVERY time! Toning, tightening & firming the skin while detoxifying. Even if you don’t see immediate results THEY ARE WORKING!

Ultimate Body Applicators come in a package of 4 and are meant to be repeated for an Ultimate Body Contouring experience! Try our firming Facial Applicator too for reduction of wrinkles & radiant skin too!

This product is not water loss. The results will last depending on you and your life style. There is nothing with our bodies that is permanent. We have the best product and is very effective when used correctly. The body wrap is an all natural botanically-based product. That tightens tones and firms. We have had clients see a reduction in cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins etc. This is a product that improves the skin and more. You will want to drink water for the 72 hours after applying the product. There is no need to drown yourself. Just stay well hydrated. Water is always the best choice, as coffee, tea, coke and the like do not really hydrate you.

How does it work?

The body wrap causes the pores to open, allowing the product to penetrate the skin. Toxins are then picked up by the blood stream filtered thru the kidneys and essentially you are eliminating them. You may also notice increased bowel movements, more energy, better sleep with an overall feeling of well being.

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